Overall exhibition of the sanctum of the Phuong Pagoda of the Khmer people in Tra Vinh Province.

The culture of the South plain is exhibited on an area of 4,000m2, introducing the model and landscape around the sanctum of Phướng Pagoda in Trà Vinh Province, including the structure of pagoda, tower containing the bones of the Khmer in Diệp Thạch Pagoda, Trà Vinh Province, the gate of Chăm Ka Pagoda in Trà Vinh; Cultural space in the form of garden in the South in Kế Sách District, Sóc Trăng Province; system of canals with a foot bridge in Long Phú District, Sóc Trăng Province.iển thị ở phần Photo introduce

Apart from the cultural areas, the project has a reserved yard for festivals where there is a symbol of Vietnamese culture with the image of the community of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam hand in hand as a block on the shape of a lotus, a symbolic image of a universe flame and the solidarity of all ethnic groups. It is expected that on the festival yard, cultural events or other rituals would be often held.

The space for outdoor exhibition is expected to be completed in May 2010. Each space would be an environment for visitors to experience, entertain and study the treasure of Vietnamese traditional culture.