Exhibition of a traditional Rong House of the Ba Na ethnic minority in Central Highlands

In the space for the culture of Trường Sơn Mountain range – Central Highlands of 4,000m2there are a Rông House of the Ba Na; lunar New Year Festival pole, lithophone (stone musical instrument), wind instrument, water instrument…There are also items such as: production tools, ethnic costume, collection of living tools such as jars, gongs, tools and products of fabric weaving, personal belongings, items related to every ritual in a human being’s life cycle, folk musical intruments, and items related to the beliefs and religions of people in the Trường Sơn Mountain range – Central Highlands, funeral house and its statues.

Landscape includes: Pơ lang tree, Kơ nia tree, stretches of land and waterfall to run lithophone, water instrument, statues of elephant and its cub.