Overall exhibition of the Whale-worshipping Temple (Lang Ngu Ong)

Culture of the Central – coastal area is exhibited on an area of 4,000m2 including: Chăm tower; Whale worsipping temple; pottery worshop of the Chăm. In the space of this exhibition there are also tools for producing pottery, pottery products, collection of worshipping tools, tools for living, tools and products of fabric weaving, pottery, personal belongings, items related to living such as bed, box for personal belongings; items related to every ritual in a human being’s life cycle, folk musical intruments, and items related to the beliefs and religions of people in the Central – coastal area, especially Chăm statues and typical items of the Chăm such as Linga and yoni, Chăm dancers.
Landscape includes: cactus, casuarina, other trees and figures of young  Chăm girls carrying water.