Set of hammock hanger

An old hammock hanger and bronze head of sedan-chair carrying pole of the Cham ethnic group is about the 12-13 century AD used for carrying the Kings of the ancient Cham Pa Kingdom.
Hammock hangers are designed with images of dragon and fire ring, decorated with patterns of dragon scale, leaf and flower. Discovered in the South of Cat Tien district, Lam Dong province, these are rare and typical demonstrative objects for existing of Champa Kingdom in the Highland area. Size of the longest one is 28cm and the shortest is 14cm …

– The other bronze hammock hanger used for carrying mandarins of Cham Kingdom is about the 12nd-13rd century AD. The hanger is cast in connection to the hole for passing carrying pole; the body is decorated with images of human beings; the head with curved dragon tail. It was discorved in Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province. Size is 17cm length.