The head of Monster’s statue – Iasaka Satan

The head of Monster’s statue – Iasaka Satan (also called Arusa Satan) is originated from the relationship between deities and Arusa Satan.

A legend has it that, after many years of training, Arusa was given magical power by Shiva which allows him to leave the head of any evildoers out of their body once he touches on on due to his achievement on driving away evils spirits, detering evildoers. However, Arusa betrayed and Vishnu helped Shiva deceive Arusa to touch on his own head resulted in his death. From that the abstract of Arusa Satan or Isaka is only a head with ferocious face which is available on the towers of the Cham people as credit for his devotion.

This statue is made of sandstone, 31cm in height, 32cm in width, found in nearly old tower of the Cham people in Tra Kieu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province.