Exhibition of Textile Products at the 4th ASEAN Traditional Textile Symposium

Exhibition of textile products is one of important activities within framework of 4th ASEAN Traditional Textile Symposium. The exhibition was opened on 15th March 2013 based on theme “Textile, embroidery and dyeing: from traditional to contemporary”. It brought to audience a general view about textiles from dawning to light industrial age. Images of growing flax, cotton, mulberry, breeding silk worms, weaving process helped visitors to understand hard works of weavers, textile values that contributed to conservation and promotion of textiles.
A part from exhibition conducted by MCVE, there were spaces for other countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, India and Japan that created multi-colorful and multi-cultural display.

There were also some domestic showrooms such as Lan Huong Fashion Company, Nam DinhTextile Museum, XQ Da Lat, Van Phuc Silk Village. They brought to the symposium their best products expressing Vietnamese cultural identity that helped audience to have a deeper understanding of textile culture and textile products from traditional to contemporary.

The alternative arrangement of showrooms among countries and among ethnic groups attracted audience that contributed to the success of the symposium.

Photo: Thailand textile showroom

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