The Museum of Unnatural History in Strangetown

I had a dream last night, a strange dream, visiting a strange place with a strange museum…
The Museum of Unnatural History in Strangetown is well known in the region for its fascinating dioramas, elaborate exhibits and documentation of little known natural and unnatural events and phenomena, some of them unique to the region. It also has a treasure trove of historical re-creations of events significant in the history of Strangetown.

Several years back the Museum lost its affiliation with the Smithsonian over a controversial diorama that was questioned by the Smithsonian as to its authenticity despite the compelling documentation. More importantly, questions were raised about the appropriateness of a diorama recreating the hotel room Rush Limbaugh stayed in for three nights when he conducted hate workshops for the locals at the county fair. Even though the state of the room had been documented by the hotel owner with polaroids, the diorama was deemed offensive and disgusting even by some local ‘ditto-heads’. A compromise was negotiated and the diorama has been modified with a peephole at five and half feet to keep children (and short people) from viewing the diorama.

The other exhibit that has been modified in recent years is that of a local photographer who characterized himself as the “Sturm und Drang Chaser” who specialized in documenting, in his words, “stress, despair and loathing of people stuck in the quotidian”. The Board of Directors of the Museum felt that his images took away from the real “Storm Chasers”, many of whom hovered around Strangetown during the tornado season waiting for the next calamitous tornado to roar across the plains so that they could post the vivid destruction of property and lives on CNN. The only two images that remain on display of the “Sturm und Drang Chaser” photographer are images one and two.