According to Decision 78/1999/QD-BVHTT issued on November 24, 1999 by the Minister of Culture and Information Ministry, the structure of the museum consists of Director, Deputy Director, administration department, research – collection department, inventory – preserve department, display and propaganda department and security team (equivalent to department level). The security’s roles and functions are to keep safe for the cultural heritage stored in the museum and the security in the museum campus.

At Decision 2492/QD-BVHTTDL issued on June 02, 2008 by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry, the organizational structure has been developed into specialized divisions in accordance with the functions and tasks of the museum, the security team was developed into security department. With an area of ​​more than 40,000m2, the museum has many beautiful architectural buildings, a large amount of fixed assets, equipment, valuable exhibits. Thus, the security affairs of the museum are emphasized and gradually specialized. The security staff are annually trained through security courses and armed with ammunition and military equipment. The security force has been increased in number and works in unity, overcoming difficulties to perform their task all days and nights. Besides, they promote the support equipment at work by giving signage and direction systems, and parking areas to maintain security, order and safety for visitors as well as the properties of the museum. In addition to its tasks, the security department also made a plan for fire prevention. Every year, it combines with the Thai Nguyen Department of Fire Police to regularly check on fire prevention and fighting, and with the Cultural Security Office  of Thai Nguyen Provincial Police Station to hold training courses. Moreover, it coordinates closely with Trung Vuong Ward Police in keeping society order, especially in the festivals and cultural and political activities. It clears venture shops outside the fence, making sure the view of the street. Also, it is in charge of resident staying registration at the museum.