“Trường Sa – The sea and island homeland” exhibition.

On the 31th of August, the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups has organized the Opening ceremony of “Trường Sa – sea and island homeland” exhibition.
Attending the opening ceremony were: Vu Hong north, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council; Le Quang Duc, a member of the Standing Committee, Head of the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda; Naval Command representative, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Military Zone I …

Exhibition ““Trường Sa – sea and island homeland”” was organized with the purpose of enhancing the promotion of national cultural values ​​associated with the propagation of the task of protecting national sovereignty island; love traditional home education , for tourists to visit the country, the people of the nations in the island provinces to assert sovereignty and promote national strength, make good policy to protect the sovereignty associated with the economic development of the island Party and State.

The exhibition displays 21 coral stones represent the 21 islands, 33 points stationed on the Spratlys of the country by the Ministry of the People’s Navy Command awarded the ethnic Thai Nguyen province, the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council , PPC received into the end of 2011; together over 100 photos from precious materials, the introduction of an important text claims island of Vietnam, reflecting the lives of the soldiers and the people of the sea island Fatherland; images, activity shows a close relationship and deep feelings of the people in the mainland always be an island country …

The leaders have visited the exhibition area.

This activity is of great significance to the task of preserving and promoting cultural heritage and capital contributions from the Museum of Vietnamese ethnic culture in the propagation of the Vietnamese island; contribute to the education today’s younger generation about the meaning, importance and role to sacrifice his paternity of the system to preserve and protect the Spratly Islands as well as the territory of the country.