Foundation of the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic groups.

The Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic groups, after 50 years of the devolopment and growth, has through the stages as follows: – The period 1960 – 1975 – The period 1976 – 1990 – The period 1991 – 2009
History of the period 1960 – 1975

On 19/12/1960 in the town of Taiyuan, the capital of the autonomous region, the center of Viet Bac base, a ceremony for construction of the Museum of the North Vietnamese. A scale construction works almost the beginning of a major cultural projects in the Northeast region of the country. 1963 completed and opened the history of Viet Bac base. On 1/1/1964, the Museum of the North Vietnamese honor of Uncle Ho visited and recorded in the autograph souvenir gold. Period against the destructive war of the American Empire (1965 – 1975) with the number of small, but the entire document artifacts, treasures, assets are transferred to a safe evacuation. Sites: Cuc Duong, Han Van, Minh Lap, quiet … is recognized in the development of the Museum. Period in addition to the display base Viet Bac, also has an introduction to the natural and human autonomous regions, the Museum also conduct roving exhibitions and collection of additional objects and for storage and display facilities.

History of the period 1976 – 1990

In 1976, the autonomous region to fulfill its historical destiny of the country, the Museum of the North Vietnamese transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Information Management. This is the content navigation activities. From synthetic Museum to Museum of professional national culture. After the years established itself as the new orientation, the scope of activities across the country with new functional tasks: research, collect, preserve and promote propaganda and cultural heritage education 54 ethnic Vietnamese. The collection of documents, artifacts and conducted expeditiously, the gallery introduces national culture gradually adjusted and supplemented, in time to welcome visitors to the festival, festival, carnival in region. Mobile exhibition to the work area and border. This period Museum also welcomes many of the leaders of the Party and State to visit and encourage as: late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, General Vo Nguyen Giap, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Huu Duc, Minister of Culture and Information Tran Hoan, Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh directly visit the exhibition: “Typical northern ethnic culture” at the exhibition 15 years of liberation held at Ho Chi Minh City in 1990. 31/3/1990 – North Vietnam Museum was renamed the Museum of Vietnamese ethnic culture, with some 508/QD-BVH-TT decision.

History 1991 – 2009

During renovation from 1990 to 2000, the Museum of Vietnamese ethnic culture really improve functional activities in accordance with its mission. Architectural works, after decades of construction and due to the impact of the bombs has been degraded, is now the Museum of maintenance and maintenance, anti-down. 1996 architecture art was awarded the Ho Chi Minh phase I. This is a work of art culture for people in particular, the family of the Vietnamese people in general. Implementation of cooperation programs funded by Swedish SIDA development: advanced operations Museum 1993 – 1998, renovated streamlined the work area and the gallery system. System storage facility was renovated and upgraded with modern equipment, ensuring preservation mode durable material artifacts. The period 2001 to 2009, the Museum is a great investment on infrastructure. The size of the collection is larger, wider, collected on the basis of warehouse … Museum exhibits document. Early completion of the collection of rare and valuable science, history and art. The inventory, preservation of gradual improvements in scientific record system, initially managed by information technology artifacts. Artifacts preserved by the modern equipment; galleries system be upgraded in conjunction with the art technical solutions and modern equipment such as: touch screen system; System Digital audio support combinations on display; lighting system as highlighting art display combinations contribute to attract the public and meet the increasing demand for cultural enjoyment of the people . The Museum also organized many exhibitions all over the country for the holidays in the country. Scientific research with many flourishes, creating conditions improve professional activities of the unit. During this period the museum has made a link, multi-faceted cooperation with the National Museum, the museum of professional, local museums in the country and some foreign museums. The museum also invites experts in the field of museum organized several seminars and training courses to improve business for the unit. The campus overall project planning museum and exhibition projects with outdoor cultural areas gradually developed and perfected. Expected outdoor exhibition area will inaugurate open to visitors from 19/4/2010.