Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups with digital technology under disease covid 19

For the complicated situation of the covid – 19 epidemic, the Museum of the Cultures of  Vietnam’s ethnic groups proactively implemented disease prevention measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health and under the direction of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Tourism as well as of Thai Nguyen People’s Committee on the implementation of urgent solutions to prevent and combat acute respiratory infections caused by nCoV virus.

To ensure safety for visitors as well as the health of officials and employees, the Museum has stepped up  cleaning floors, display cabinets, doors, objects and surfaces easily exposed to bacteria … with disinfectant solution. The museum also equip free masks, disinfecting hand washing liquid at the entrance to serve visitors … to minimize the risk of spreading the disease. Propagating to raise awareness, proactively prevent epidemics with posters, leaflets, … in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health to protect yourself and those around you.

Like many tourist places and other museums, implementing the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 16 on social isolation from April 1 to April 15 and April 15 to April 22, the exhibition rooms are also closed after a government ban to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, contrary to the quietness in reality, the Museum has applied a number of methods of online travel through social networks, increasing the interaction between the Museum and public. The museum has carried out propaganda videos to encourage people to join hands in preventing virus, video for introducting display space, video presentation of thematic displays with the theme: “45 years of liberation of the South, unification country ” and ” Uncle Ho with the ethnic minorities in Vietnam ” on the 45th anniversary of the liberation of the South, reunification of the country and 130 years of President Ho Chi Minh’s birth (May 19, 1890 – May 19, 2020). On pages of the Museum’s facebook and youtube, a number of videos introducing the gallery space and activities of the Museum are regularly updated and have attracted a large followers. The museum continues to complete the 60-year history book of the museum, combined with the construction of videos associated with the history, the promotion of the museum image, selection of typical artifacts to integrate into documentary films. Viewing from the outside, people will think that the Museum is lying dormant and motionless before the covid pandemic, but in reality, it is not, the Museum is still in operation, but in a new form: “digital museum”, with dynamism and creativity in many different modes of operation.

In the current context, digitalization is an inevitable trend. The museum has changed to adapt to the age, renovating the display to attract online visitors. With digital technologies, website3D, mobile, virtual reality … the latest technologies suitable for the internet era will help audience have interesting experiences.

In fact, the trend of digitalization, which has been practiced for many years by the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, is now maximizing its effectiveness in the context of refi Covid-19 epidemic. Virtual reality technology allows the museum to remain “open”, successfully conducting live and engaging online exhibitions. Besides, the modern cinema room has been installed and put into use to welcome guests, giving more options for visitors to come to the Museum.

However, before the complication of the current Covid-19 pandemic, in the coming time, the Museum also needs to set up a suitable operational strategy to the general situation, specifically, the Museum focuses on completing 2 exhibitions in combination with Van Ho Exhibition Center, continues to implement the theme of ICOM 2020: “Museum for equality: Diversity and Inclusion”, setting up specific activities for December 19: Foundation day of the Museum.  And aiming to developping the following main contents:

Firstly, upgrade equipment to adapt to the digital technology age in order to apply modern tools, enrich interactive content to encourage application tours.

Secondly, focusing on researching and developing content for introducing museum collections, diversifying ways to introduce these collections (short films, articles, 3D graphic images, interpreting cultural heritage by information technology applications).

Thirdly, building virtual tours on digital platforms to help visitors get the best experience.

Fourth, promoting communication activities of the museum; caring about digital media content on online apps, social networks or apps for smartphones.

Fifthly, proactively coordinating with the education sector to introduce cultural heritage, especially intangible cultural heritages to the audience of pupils and students associated with learning program in schools. .

Sixthly, proactively – actively cooperating with travel agencies to attract visitors to the Museum, experience and learn the national culture history.

Due to the impact of the covid epidemic is expected to be continue, the Museum will need to prepare more content to post on its official website. Although the museums are not full of visitors at this time, this is also an opportunity to prepare more interesting content and products to bring to the public after all activities back to normal.

Visitors from Pho Yen town visit the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups on 1st, June 2020.