Impact of covid 19 epidemicto the museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups

Due to the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic, many countries around the world have taken many strong and necessary measures such as: close the border gates, restriction of immigration, close schools, close service facilities … including travel systems and museums. In this trend, in order to minimize the spread of the virus, Vietnam has also implemented measures of social isolation and separation. This limitation has greatly affected the whole economy and society in general and the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups in particular.

According to the documents and instruction of the Board of leadership about the prevention of epidemics and determine that the Museum is a vulnerable unit. Therefore, the Museum has established a Board of controlling for preventing Covid 19 disease, thoroughly the documents to each staff and employee; building propaganda content to send to departments, divisions to raise awareness about nCoV virus; proposing immediately preventive measures when epidemic spreads. Printing banners and leaflets with the content of preventing and controlling nCoV epidemics to be distributed to visitors, buying masks, disinfecting alcohol, sanitizing workplaces, disinfecting display areas to ensure safety for domestic and international tourists. The spread of corona virus seriously affects tourism in general and the operation of museums in particular.

According to statistics reported by the General Department of Tourism, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, in the first 5 months of 2020, number of international visitors to Vietnam reached 3.7 million people, down 50% over the same period last year. 2019. Domestic visitors reached 16 million people, down 58.5%. Particularly in Thai Nguyen province, compared with the same period last year, the number of visitors decreased by 66%. (according to

Previously, the number of visitors to the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups an average of 200-500 guests per day, with nearly 1,000 visitors one day. From April 28, 2020, the museum reopened, the number of visitors dropped to only about 50-70 visitors  per day ( decline of more than 80% compared to the same period of 2019). Previously, the number of visitors following tours was very large and frequent, but after the outbreak, visitors were mainly households or small groups. Foreign visitors are mainly from Europe. Comparing to the number of visitors last year, it is much reduced.

Although the Museum has conducted 4 thematic displays with a new experiential educational scenario but the number of visitors has not increased significantly. As a non-profit business unit, if the epidemic lasts, it will be a big challenge for ensuring the number of visitors to the Museum. Therefore, right after the end of the social separation period, Museum staffs continue to promote cultural communication and museum activities through social networks, youtube, facebook, zalo … Besides, prevention and control work the disease of the Museum is still needed on top priority.

In the coming time, the Museum will continue to coordinate to travel tours to develop policies and stimulate tourism, promote cultural introduction programs to attract visitors. At the same time, the Museum continue renewing the local as well as mobil exhibits, educating and experiences. Diversify the exploitation of cultural artifacts values, develop technology to create short films about ethnic culture, associated with the theme of activities of the International Museum Association (ICOM): “Museum for equality: Diversity and Inclusion ”. From visiting the museum online via the internet, guests will wish to have a field trip, see artifacts directly and listen to the stories surrounding them.

 Introduction of information, photos and activities of the Museum through social networking sites, the number of visitors to the Museum may be less due to the disease, but promoting communication through the internet will be the quickest access way to visitors of museums.

Some images of visitors experience at the Museum before the outbreak of Covid


Tours to the museum in early 2020. At times, the museum welcomes nearly 1,000 visitors  per day.

Some experience activities also attracted a lot of visitors Especially students. Photo 3.4: Historical representation at the Museum on December 22, 2019.

Museum after reopened:

The number of visitors after the time of Covid outbreak is only small groups and a few individuals visits. There is no experience activities at the Museum.
Filipino students from Thai Nguyen University of Education visit the Museum on June 11, 2020

Veteran delegation of Quang Ninh province visits the Museum on 11, June 2020.