Activities on the occasion of international museum day (18th, May 2020)

On the occasion of the International Museum Day 18th, May 2020, the International Museum Association (ICOM) encourages museums towards their activities with the theme: “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion” with desire: working with the system of Museums throughout the country and the International Museum Association (ICOM) to create a common connection for future and tradition by diversifying the forms of introduction to the Museum. Besides the permanent exhibition space, the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups also displays a photo exhibition with the theme: “45 years of liberating of the South, reunificating of the country” and “Uncle Ho with the Vietnamese ethnicities”; “Memorabilia – memories of war”.
Besides the permanent and specialized exhibition on the  International Museum Day , there is also a documentary film show about the unique traditional intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam’s ethnic groups; Experience software of the virtual reality technology (VR) that helps visitors to “feel” the space of simulating exhibiting objects in a more realistic way thanks to 3D glasses; In addition to the traditional display, the Museum has applied information technology to interpret cultural heritage, bringing the museum closer to the public. Step by step creating a content program system to introduce cultural heritage in the internet, creating a friendly between the activities of the museum and visitors, removing barriers about the time and space between the museum and visitors.
On the occasion of the International Museum Day (May 18), the Museum of the  Cultures of Vietnam’s  ethnic groups offers free admission to visitors in one day (May 18, 2020).
Come and share with us – those who do works of preserving and promoting the cultural and historical heritage value of the Vietnamese nation on the occasion of the International Museum Day.

The Museum of the cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups