In response to a launch of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) on the theme: “Museum and History: Sharing the untold stories at museums”, 87 years of the Vietnamese Women Day (1930-2017) and the 55th anniversary of the founding of Thai Nguyen city (1962-2017), under the direction of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups exhibit: “Mother – Child, Poetry, Music – Life” to honour the great heart, the silent sacrifice of Vietnam’s mothers who have devoted to the country and their children.

The exhibition “Mother – Child, Poetry, Music – Life”includes 12 contents of displaying and creative experiencing: learn to eat, learn to speak, learn to save and preserve, learn to be tolerant and generous …, bringing to visitors a chance to approach the traditional and typical cultural value of Vietnam’s ethnic groups relating to the Mother – Child love; leading visitors to join the journey from the moment when mother began to be pregnant to until gave birth. Since then, Mother’s sweet milk and the warm lullabies nourished the child growing up every day. Throughout the childhood, Mother was always beside to protect and give the child a peaceful and warm childhood.When the child grew up, step by step into life, Mother always followed silently every step of the child no matter how far away and if the child unfortunately made mistakes in the life, Mother still tolerated for all by her love. When being an adult, as a father or a mother, the child knows what the mother – child’s love is. Especially through the recollection of the mother – child’s love in the war years, during 55 constructing and growing years of Thai Nguyen city, the child understand the dedication and sacrifice of Mother and Father for our homeland more and more. Parents’ love is the power and miracle for nurturing the present and future generations with the full of filial duty to parents in the life.

With thousands of documents and objects, hundreds of experiences according to the life and time line, the exhibition “Mother – Child, Poetry, Music – Life” will transmit the matters of traditional and contemporary society, giving visitors the meaningful messages to contribute in educating the personality, the culture, the moral for each person and consolidating the family feelings, knowing more the culture and knowledge in the today life.