Visiting and experience-a new trend of strategy of serving visitors at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups.

After opening outside exhibition, The Museum of the cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups deploys to connect traditional culture with modern life, find the direction ways to communicate traditional culture to the people. Connecting young generation with older generation by concrete events.

We create incessantly, apply more lively direction ways. The visitors do not only enjoy traditional culture but also join in experience activities here.

About fixed exhibition, We change incessantly, correct and edit items with experience activities such as: love duet, the Tay women takes “ Tinh” – musical instrument to sing “Then” songs of the Tay ethnic group… Our museum deploys experience activities in each exhibition, each item to enrich activities in order to meet each needs.

Along with improving quality of exhibition items, the experience activities are constructed very kind. These activities are constructed on topic according to celebration days, serve not only big quantity but also small groups.

When visitors come to Museum, they not only listen to interpretation but also join in experience activities with each content of exhibition.

Our Museum constructed experience activities such as: “Vietnamese woman- past and present” in the Woman day 8/3, “ Dien Bien Phu- a magnanimous piece of music” in order to commemorate May Day and Dien Bien Phu victory. Special, to commemorate Dien Bien Phu victory, our Museum have experience activities as: “Accompanying with Dien Bien soliders” . Models were built: trench shelter of De Casteri, trench shelter A1, A2 of Vietnam’s army, Muong Thanh bridge with historial place- names as Muong Thanh, Hong Cum, Him Lam… Last, there are singing, reading poems, Xoe- dance, Sap–dance.

Now, many travel- tours order experience activities in our Museum. That assert:The Museum of the cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic group is the place that attracts foreign and domestic visitors.