VietNamese women are imdomitamle, faithful and resposibility

(Welcome  International Women’s Day (8th, March, 1910 – 8th, March ,2014)

As you know, the legend of Hung Vuong engraved in memories community with values of Vietnamese ethnic origin. Mother Au Co birthed one hundred eggs blooming one hundred of children reminding “people” is a mother, fairy widened as the “opposition, dissent” that differences still tolerated, yin-yang harmony, multiply grandchildren pile. The woman in the legend was innocent but drastic, in adversity still confirmed herself as Tien Dung, as the wife of two twins in Trau Cau legend, as the woman with her children turn to stone, as My Chau even twice bring felony has been seen as tolerant pale, transparent pearl.

Over two thousand years of history,Viet nam history has more than thousand years under  dominted by Chinese  know relatively clear. Opening the history of the war against invaders from the Northern is victory of two female generals: “Kingdom set up in Me Linh area, Linh Nam is our own country”.  The oath of the military operation of  Hai Ba Trung  was recorded in Thien Nam ngu luc “firstly is to revenge for hometown, the second is to rebuild Hung’s inheritance, the third is to wash unjustly for her husband, the fourth is to keep intact ” .A few centuries later, Trieu Thi Trinh -young woman had to assert itself beyond normal female children: “I want to ride strong wind, push th huge wave, slicing fish whale in East sea, wipe Ngo troops outside the borders, I do not bear bending back to be slave for people. “paralysis like this, an ideal of life, so majestic, she made the enemy dread . But over the next several hundred years, by order of importance to women despise male, female foreign domestic male, women seem not to be or no longer save point in the history of warfare, except for the few that she is a singer, or no name-women in Lam Son insurrection, or in army training cloth flags of Quang Trung Nguyen Hue. Female Minister Bui Thi Xuan, Cai Vang and his third wife, the third wife of Hoang Hoa Tham,who their name sometimes not save but that is fearlessly traditional evident the woman who is not only a wife and mother.

But the history does not only have war and revolution. Y Lan who is picker mulberry to be queen mother, she twice representative of her husband and son rules nation. She was honored to be Ba Quan Am Buhha. …Huyen Tran princess become queen of Cham Pa, Doan Thi Diem rhymester, Nguyen Thi Hinh (or Huyen Thanh Quan), Ho Xuan Huong, Le Ngoc Han or recently Tu Du, Tu Cung and Nam Phuong .Although history of Viet nam mention a few about women, but there are always nice images such as Ha Ba Trung’s revolution from B.C.

In the revolutionary movement of the early 20th century, Dong Kinh nghia thuc and other revolution schools started to have female teacher next few male teachers. Le Thi Dan was honored Au Trieu by Phan Boi Chau , Bac and Giang girls under the banner of the  Vietnam Quoc Dan Party of Nguyen Thai Hoc, then Minh Khai and the  first female communists , the women themselves are gradually  more and more known, along with the development of the struggle against social oppression, anti-colonialism.

The movement for national liberation and socialist revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the two resistance wars against the French and Americans have attracted generations of women to participate. They are students, intellectuals, workers, peasants, the youth breezy girl or a wife, mother to see off her husband or child for fighting. The woman are in everywhere, the front line of war or Generals, who spreads the pain or the silent victims, has fought just as hundreds or thousands of other jobs. Because of war, many people left many daily life activities as in love, get married, have children, raise their children grow up, like studying, practicing, food and clothing for the family, implementing individual ambitious dreams.  From all parts of the country they are all write the painful, heroic pages of the  endurance resistance which was very heroic, because of independence and freedom for the nation and for human dignity. Therefore, President Ho Chi Minh endowed Vietnamese women “heroic, indomitable – faithfulness and responsibilities”.