Painting exhibittion opening of the artist of russia and opens “Rural fair in tel holidays and clean forestry products”

On 18th, January,2014, opening ceremony of exhibition of Russian painter -Nicolai Roerikh and launched “Rural market on New Year and clean agro-forestry products ” was held at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups. Attending the opening ceremony were representatives from the Russian Federation Embassy in Vietnam, Centre for Science and Culture or Russia in Hanoi, International Cooperation Department, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, University of Agriculture and Forestry, the travel companies in Hanoi and Thai Nguyen, Bac Ninh and some mushroom production enterprises.

Exhibition introduces 65 landscapes and worship paintings of artist-Nicolai about  Russian culture to the public to help them understand more about the culture of Russia and Vietnam as well as the friendship of two countries. Associated with exhibition space are educational activities, experiences on painting themed ” Vietnam_Russia-Cultural icon ” to help them understand more about the culture of two countries and arouse passion in art composition their painting art.

The exhibition will end on 28th, February, 2014.

The space “Rural market on New Year and clean agro-forestry products and not only introduces items from ancient tradition (the commodities are increasingly losing in society today) but also have booths introducing  and selling the clean agricultural products such as mushroom, vegetables, fruit and some products of traditional crafts such as forging of the Nung An in Cao Bang silk scarf. … Joining rural market culture, tourists can experience the folk craft such as printing Dong Ho paintings and write couplets, calligraphy on Tet days – a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people in the traditional Lunar New Year.

We hope that through the exhibition and opening “Rural market on New Year”, visitors understand deeper and broader culture and friendship between the two countries: Vietnam – Russia, visitors are immersed into space of rural market for goods and towards a cultural objective, namely: clean agricultural and forestry products no matter how fair.