Exhibiting and performing traditional music instruments in Bac Lieu of the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups

Responding  program “the first “Don ca tai tu Festival – in Bac Lieu 2014″ takes place from 24/April – 29th, April, 2014, the Museum of the Culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups organize specialized exhibition entitled ” Traditional musical instruments of Vietnam’s ethnic groups” with typical kinds of musicals of regions across the country: “nguyet or co” zither (the Kinh ethnic group), panpine of the Hmong ethnic group (“Tinh” zither of the Tay ethnic group, flute of the Ede , Saranai trumpet, cymbals, cascanets, gongs, Tơ rung zither of ethnic groups in Highlands.

A new feature of this exhibition is: Each exhibition space for instruments takes place the demonstration activities of nearly 30 volunteers and artisans, directly guiding visitors  how to learn musical instruments by region , the unique experience of traditional instruments of Vietnam’s ethnic groups such as playing panpine and flute of the Hmong ethnic group, singing Then of the Tay ethnic group, performing musical instruments of the Cham ethnic group, gongs of ethnic groups in Highlands., digging holes to put seeds of the Kho Mu ; excerpts “Tang cau” ritual in Thai wedding ceremony in  Northwest of Vietnam …

With more than 300 documentation and objects, many collections of musical instruments of ethnic groups from various regions, through display and demonstration and performance, unique cultures of ethnic groups in the field of traditional music in general, the art of Southern traditional music in particular will be honored and contributing  into the preservation and promotion of cultural values for ethnical traditional musical instruments which are at risk increasingly eroded in current situation.