Cultural activities welcoming international women day (8/3/2014) at the museum of the cultures of VietNam’s ethnic groups

Celebrating 104 years of International Women’s Day (8/03/1910 – 8/03/2014).

At 8 am on 08.03.2014, the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups held the opening exhibition titled “Vietnamese women past and now” and organize cultural activities in order to propagate, educate, honoring the Vietnamese woman image “Heroes, indomitable, responsibilities” associated with daily life, as well as in the struggle against for  national independence, building and protecting security homeland.

To review the glorious tradition of the Vietnamese Women on the occasion of 8th, March, the Museum organized thematic exhibition “Vietnamese Women past and now”. The exhibition concentrated expression of the Vietnamese woman’s life through four thousand years of history from the era of the Hung Kings to Ho Chi Minh era through the stories, photos and artifacts on display. Experience activities, music, sound like: test for carrying straw, test for reading and writing poetry contest under the theme “Women in Vietnam, set to sew clothes, betel baptized learning, performance, baskets of corn, rice baskets, hand pounding rice pestle, painting: creative / design ao dai Vietnam, practice strict undergo ritual “of the bride cranes Tẳng Thais, whose songs accompany five months … associated with each combination referendum presentation will enliven the exhibition space. Especially on this occasion the designer Lan Huong (Hanoi) will show collections of tunic with theme “Lyrics” at lobby A in the Museum with 40 photos of Thai Nguyen Association of Art and Literature on the subject of women.

Besides the arts and cultural activities, the Museum also organizes seminar “Vietnamese women past and now” in hall of the Museum on the same day at 14h. p.m