Activities for public on the occasion of New Year 2014 at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic groups

Practical celebrate 84 years of the founding Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3rd ,1930 – February 3rd  2014).

On the occasion of early spring day in 2014 from 1st February, 2014 (ie 2nd lunar year), the Museum of the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic groups in collaboration Thai Nguyen cultural and information center organize activities for visitors: Opening exhibition systems, three thematic exhibitions: Paintings Art of Russian artist-Nikolai Roerich, Exhibiting: Yin and yang and five basic elements celebrating spring Giáp Ngo, photography exhibition: ” Glorious horse years in the history of Vietnam “. There are folk games outdoor campus such as lion dance, broke ground, walking on stilts, sack jumping.., all in educational programs of the Museum. Cultural activities: “Gongs” dance in Central Highlands welcoming visitors,  performing “five elements” musical instruments of the Khmer ethnic group, walking on stilts, sack jumping, campfire, organize dance …, simultaneously take place from 2nd to January 7th  (Lunar New Year).

Sports are organized by Cultural, Information and Sports Center in Thai Nguyen city at 13h30 on 3rd, February, 2014 (ie the 4th lunar year) with the following contents:

+ Fighting chicken.
+ Test push rod.
+ Test tug.
+ Test lion dance.
+ Test of chess: Chess tree outdoor and chess tables
+ Fun Gambling: covering eyes to drum .
+ Performing martial arts … Go to the Museum of the Culture of  Vietnam’s ethnic groups on Tet Giap Ngo 2014 is an opportunity to take us back to childhood, with folk games. The exhibition helps visitors understand more about the glorious,  heroic tradition of the nation through periods of history.