Activities for children 1st, june at the museum of the cultures of VietNam’s ethnic groups

On 1st,June, 2014 the Musum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups has organized many activities for children, tourists.  Nguyen Thi My Nga-Deputy Director of the Museum, chairman of union welcomed the children, hoping them to be always obedient, good, obedient to their parents later become useful citizens of the society. The guides, the members of the …….unit were held for the children to experience the activities of the Dien Bien soldiers as cannon pulled Dating, sleep cut mountain tunnel, the soldier singing, wearing kimono, origami Japan and the traditional games like Dragon Snake on clouds, playing O Quan … Besides the free admission for children, museum alsotakes  photography, print reporters, gave the children free photo occasion 1st month 6 2014 … These are meaningful activities to educate children, create a useful playground in summer vacation “learning the game, playing the school”, help the children understand more to boast of history heroic nation. In addition to operating experience, the children also see footage of the island of Vietnam on the big screen.