Educational activities in summer 2013 at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups

To have useful and funny summer days for young people, pupils and students, besides guiding to visit 5 display rooms and 6 cultural spaces outdoor, the Museum also organizes several activities such as printing of Dong Ho folk painting, painting, folding objects and toys with papers, etc. Especially, in the time of the exhibition “Japanese traditional dolls”, visitors can also have chance to experience traditional Kimono and Yukata costumes and traditional costumes of Vietnam such as the Cham, the E-De, the Kho-Me, the Thai, the Hmongz and folk games such as Mandarin square capturing and bamboo jacks, etc.

These activities are practical and useful for young generation to propagandize and educate cultural values, folk traditional games which are being faded and lost in order to help the young have strong and useful life.

Some photos about activities in the Museum: