Cultural activities welcoming the 2nd Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival

Responding to welcome  the 2nd  Thai Nguyen inernational tea festival in 2013, the Museum of  the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups held many cultural activities from 8th, November, 2013 to 10th, November, 2013.

The Museum had co-ordinated with many fine art classes in Thai Nguyen city to hold the contest of drawing with colour pencils with the topic  “Thai Nguyen land and people”. These attractive activities had attracted many children from various ages and contribute to introduce the image of Thai Nguyen people and land to domestic and  overseas visitors. These activities also helped children to have knowledge about the famous lanscapes, specialities in Thai Nguyen with famous green tea hills asTan Cuong tea village with friendly and hospitable people.

To accompany with this contest,  activity of  printing Dong Ho folk paintings in A lobby has attracted many visitors. They had printed the pictures directly themself to feel the work of  artisans in Dong Ho block printing folk village, Thuan Thanh district , Bac Ninh province. Each of the stage was paintstaking and meticulous from preparation of stamping board, framework,  colors and the papers for printing pictures such as: “do-paper”, “diep- paper” and color paper. The completed printing products as “Mouse wedding”, “Collecting coconut”, “A child embracing duck”  and “Jealousy”  were given to visitor as the gift. These activities attracted not only young visitors but also many parents contributing into preserving the cultural heritage of Vietnam’s ethnic groups and propagandize to international visitors.

At the stage area of the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, the competition of brewing tea among the artisans and tea companies has taken place. In addition, there are over 100 stores which displayed and sold tea of Thai Nguyen province, neighbouring provinces as well as foreign companies : Korea, Japan, Indian, etc..

The events are over, the Museum of the Cultures of  Vietnam’s ethnic groups had attracted over 20.000 visitors  and over ten thousands of visitors came to visit the stores.

Thanking to the great contribution of members in “I love museum” club and volunteers who are young, dynamic and enthusiasm, these activities have achieved great success and builded up the solidarity among members and attracted more students and other people to take part in “ I love Museum” club.