Children education at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups

With the propagating, educational functions and promoting the value of cultural heritage of ethnic groups, the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups has paid much more attention on activities of public education, especially, kindergarden-the future generation of the nation. Although they have formed a number of simple conceptions about space, time, and place and know how to show their emotion about current environment, at this age period, it is so complex to teach them about the cultural heritage through objects exhibited at the museum. Therefore, to renew and improve educational quality for preschool generation, the staffs of museum must learn about kid’s psychophysiology, research the number of materials at schools to apply into environment at the museum. Combining “playing for studying” is the principal method at the museum.

After interpreter guides  in- door and out-door exhibition systems, children will have the chance to take part in some traditional games that are suitable for their age such as pulling rope, skipping, carrying straw on shoulder, cat and mouse game, blind man’s bluff, etc. This first step of experiment has brought some of good results and enthusiastically supported by kids and teachers. In future, the museum will more usually plan and implement educational programs for students, including the folk games to help children have an opportunity to be learnt and played.  Not only for preschools, the museum  is also planning the programs of continuing and repeating education basing on each group of age such as elementary, primary school, high school, students at universities, ect.

There are some photos reviewing activities of education for kindergarteners at museum in first 3months of 2013.