20 thousand turns of visitors join in cultural activities greeting independent day at the museum of the cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups on september 2nd, 2013

Time: (2 days) from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on September 1- 2, 2013.

Organizer: the Museum of the Culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, Department of literature  and society, the College of Science, Thai Nguyen University,  Trade Corporation Communications and Training ( DPA).

Main activities:

Opening the system of in-door and out-door exhibition to serve visitors

Exhibiting and  demonstrating “ Past and contemporary papers” with the desire of companion with visitors to  find out, discovery and experience about Vietnam’s culture relating to papers, letters, history of nation and the process of making paper from traditional time to contemporary period.

The seminar “Papers:  Past and contemporary” virtually contributes to honor and promote patriotism, Vietnamese’s cultural identity, creativity, and fondness of learning, the consciousness about responsibility for resource, environment, and country of Vietnamese people.

Along with exhibition, there are educational, performing and experiencing activities such as: Engraving on stone, brick, tile; Engraving on the pieces of bamboo, dried leaves, spathes of areca tree;Writing the Han, Nom script, calligraphy, organizing classrooms of Confucian scholar, and the Nom script, printing Dong Ho folk paintings; Competing beautiful writing on papers: “dó” paper, “giang” paper, constructing paper, “ô li” paper; Writing letters for soldiers who are on offshore islands;Building the cultural space for reading books (collecting the printed papers, magazines, stories about ethnic culture).

College of science, Thai Nguyen University held culinary in mountainous area consisting traditional food such as colorful sticky rice, roast pork, “thắng cố”, “lam” rice, traditional cakes such as rowel, “dợm” cake, “giò” cake, wrapped rice, sesame salt and wandering market assuming characteristic of the countryside, which creates the attraction with visitors.

After  two days ( September 1st- 2nd, 2013), the Museum of the Culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups attracted and served more than 20 thousand turns of visitors.