Open ceremony the “Past and contemporary paper” exhibition

Paper is a product ofhuman civilization which has thousand years of history.Paper has gone abreast with history, living, and Vietnamese people over periods. Paper associates with the writing, courage, filial piety, virtue, heart, culture of the nation, community and individual. It backs up immortal poetries of the nation, record feelings, the love of people and nature.

On the occasion of commemorating 68 years of August Revolution, National Day (2nd, September,2013) and start of a new school year (2013-2014), the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups coordinating with Science-Literature Department – the University of science organize the thematic exhibition “Past and contemporary paper”.  It is our hope that visitors have a chance to discover, investigate, and experience Vietnam cultures around the paper, the writing, Vietnam history, and the process of making paper from the tradition to the present. Whereby, we can honor and promote patriotism, the national character, creation, traditional fondness for learning, and responsibility for protecting natural resources and environment of Vietnamese people.

We hope that visitors will be interested in the exhibition with aboved cultural activities relating to discovery, experience, paper display, character writing, traditional folk cultures; calligraphy writing, art display, fine handwriting competition, letter to marine soldiers, paper folding; we also organize a lot of other interesting activities: display of  the process of making paper from tree bark, straw, rice stubble made by the Dao from Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang province, “Gongs” teaching and performance, “Xoang” dance performed by the Ba Na from Kon Tum province, water puppet show performed by artisans from Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province; folk games: rice grains pounding and husking, rice cooking (cooked  in the pot and in “Hoang Cam” cooking fire); we will enjoy cuisine culture including colored sticky rice, roasted meet, some traditional kinds of cake like: “dam” cake, round sticky rice cake, sesame salt rice near the street vendors.

The opening ceremony: “Past and contemporary paper”: at 08:30 AM August 31st, 2013 until October 20th, 2013.

Place: the Museum of the Cultures of the Vietnam’s ethnic groups

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