Being jubilant “Festival evening ofbamboo pole dancing” on Mid-Autumn festival at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups”

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn festival in Quy Ty -2013, The Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups associated with Thai Nguyen Communist Youth Union, Communication and Training Corporation company -DPA  organized “ Mid-Autumn festival, human lantern and bamboo pole dancing festival evening” for children in Thai Nguyen province.

This program combined collaborators with cheerleaders. Moreover, it also selected more than 100 volunteers who are students from a lot of clubs like: “Green Journey”, “Thai Nguyen Youth”, and “Green Tamarind Leaves” clubs…. It had a set of 12 tradition bamboo poles of Northwest area that symbolized the 12 months of the year and several of lanterns, sound, and light. This was a genuine jubilant and animated exchange center that attracted a lot of children and masses.

Bamboo pole dancing festival evening at the Museum had attracted more than 10000 turns of visitors.  It made the full-moon evening more meaningful in life.