Achievements of the course about propaganda and education at Museum of cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups

In order to improve professional abilities of propagandizing and educating for serving visitors in current situation, the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups held a training course about propagandizing and guiding tourists for all staffs who belong to Department of Exhibition and Dissemination and Museum of outdoor Deparment. The course lasted from July 27th 2013 to July 30th 2013.

The course mainly focused on the question how to guide visitors, discuss the real situation of the education in the Museum and make a proposal, solutions to enhance education ability in the near future. With the method of exchanging and learning from each other, teacher gave learners open questions so that they can freely talked about the difficulties and their thoughts in the process of doing their job. In addition, teacher also let students choose their own topics to practice presenting and then gave some difficult situations which guiders usually met while guiding tourists, then they could exchange about them and have suitable reactions to them. At the end of the course, learners could learn from their own mistakes to improve their professional skills such as how to extract the information of the object useful, how to transfer the information for visitors; how to select it to different visitors and how to guide and welcome visitors in current situation, etc.