The museum of the cultures of vietnam’s ethnic groups attends 24th general conference of the international council of museum (ICOM) in Milano, Italy)

From 01st July to 10th July, 2016, the Museum of the Cultures of  Vietnam’s ethnic groups and ICOM Vietnam members, leaded by Mr Nguyen The Hung, Chairman of Cultural Heritage Department, attended 24th General Conference of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), 3-9 July 2016, Milano, Italy. The event, organized by international ICOM and Italy ICOM, welcomed nearly 1.500 ICOM participants from 150 nations.

The General Conference of ICOM, 2016 focused on discussions with the theme : « Museum and Cultural Landscape – A challenge for museums in 21st century». This topic focused on discussions to enhance the museum’s role in protecting and promoting cultural heritage and heritage-related spaces, and promote new cooperation opportunities for professionals inside and outside of the cultural heritage.

The main target of the General Conference of ICOM, 2016 was the consensus of declaration on Museum and Cultural Landscape, in order to form a new target and strategy for contemporary Museum’s activities in the coming time.

ICOM Vietnam members had a visit and exchange with units providing equipments, technology and modern solutions for museum’s activities, such as light for museum displays,  non-reflective glass, hangers for artworks, storage facilities, find out artifacts’ story in-depth

The units provided technology for preserving museum objects, mobile displays, environmental control at museums, …

The units consulted solutions for mobile displays, education and experience, exhibition style …at museums.

In frame of the the General Conference of ICOM, 2016 in Milan, there were nearly 50 specialized seminars of ICOM specialized committees and ICOM local committees. Besides, ICOM Vietnam delegation voted for ICOM key positions in the term of 2016 – 2019.