Viet Nam–Japan cultural exchange festival 2016

(Cinet)- The third Vietnam – Japan cultural exchange festival took place in the central city of Da Nang on July 29 -31 as part of a host of activities to attract investment and promote the face and cultures of Japan and Danang.

At the third Viet Nam–Japan cultural exchange festival 2016. photo:Hanoimoi

This year, the festival attracted 62 Japanese tourists, including 25 troupes as famous artists and artisans  from Sakai and Mitsuke city performing a tea ceremony, Ikebana flower arrangement, calligraphy, singing, and dancing.

As per the schedule, traditional art troupe Suzume, dancing group Yosakoi from Sakai City, dancing teams Run to the World and Debeso, singer Shiho Rainbow and a kite art team from Mitsuke, besides rocker Fujii Youichirou, saxophone player Tajima Yoshikazu and rock band B D Badge will perform during the three-day cultural exchange.

A workshop provided visitors with information about study and employment opportunities in Japan. It is being held in coordination with over 15 universities and Japanese language schools from the country.

A Japanese eloquence contest, film screenings, singing competitions for Japanese employees and Japanese language students, and a Kimono fashion show were organized during the festival.

It was the third time that the festival contributed to increase more friendship relation and cooperation between Viet Nam and Japan. It is a chance for Da Nang city to attract photo investment and propaganda to Japan and tourist.

Hong Nhung (Sourc:Cinet)