Viet Bac Antiques Collection cluband exhibition at “exchange space” exchanging of ancient and modern objects in campus of the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups”

Viet Bac club for researching and collecting antiques belongs to UNESCO Centre for research and conservation of Vietnam antiques was established on 05th, September, 2010. During last 5 years, the club has made many contributions in the work on display, promote antiques associated with events such as:

– Antiques exhibition on the occasion of 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi (2010)

– Antiquities exhibition on the occasion of  Hung King’s death anniversary and inauguration

Practical celebration the major holidays of the country, celebrate 40 years of the liberation of the South reunification, responding Thai Nguyen Tourism season in 2015, the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties Vietnam – United States, the Club in collaboration with the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups and Thai Nguyen Department ofCulture, Sports and Tourism held artifacts exhibition by officials and members of club and the free collectors at “space of exchanges antiques, past and now” and cultural stories in campus of the Museum focusing thematically:

1: Thai Nguyen: the destination and the place has many stone artifacts – Evidence “Vietnam – one of the cradles of humanity” and the development of the Dong Son Bronze, a vibrant brightly culture is recognized in worldwide. These are artifacts collected directly in the caves of Than Sa, Vo Nhai and beneath the rivers of Cau, Gam, Cong, … on the land of Thai Nguyen.

Along with the human evolution, the more advanced life, the more need of exchange, sale to develop, requiring a transaction method is CASH, collectionall kinds of antique coins and banknotes, so it is abundant in number, diversity of designs and attractive on rate of exchange, materialattraction- an evidence forcolourful economic life and culture of Vietnam from past to now.

Along with the development of economic, culture, human have needs of beliefs and spirituality. Collections of worshipping paintings show very clearly.

2: With demand of transactions, trade, worship, the Vietnamese people like other people, have been manipulated and continuously improve and perfect the apparatus weight, measure, count …; on volume, there are many types of scales, about time, with plenty of clocks, 2 collections of “balance of justice” and “Memory of time” will help you understand and appreciate the value of cultural and material values that man has created over thousands of years, reaching 3 criterias “antique-interesting-aesthetic” that the collectors had brought the viewer.

Also, we can admire the cultural artifacts “tea-betel-tobacco” . Turning the impossible things into the possible – move the cultural values of the intangible culture, turning unuseful things into priceless artifacts serving the needs of human in life since time immemorial.

  1. Exhibiting our memories “Unforgettable” on “A time of bombs, and a time of peace,” Those objects have gone through slashing wars and became the sacred souvenir associated with two struggles of our nation against French colonialism (1945-1954) and the American Empire (1954-1975) and the subsidy period (before 1986).

And yet, after visiting three part of exhibitions, you can not ignore one particular area that if someone “not to see them as less intelligent”. It is a tilted cone, the convergence of several dozen of old bikes and dozens of motorcycles. These are means of transportation of countless generations from young and old Vietnamese people.

In the spirit of exchange and sharing, discuss, pleasevisit Thai Nguyen- “the cradle of the revolution”, “Wind Capital”, “Motherland of tea.” Stop to enjoying tea, watching souvernirs and buy for themselves and for loved ones if you find congenial with the our collection. We are ready to serve you !

Time: from 16th, April- 3rd, May, 2015.

At the outside exhibition of the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups.