Music Program and Culture :Memphis – Ha Noi, Viet Nam at the Museum of the Culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relation between Vietnam and the United States, the Center for the Performing Arts belonging to  Department of Performing Arts, Department of International Cooperation -Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism, a group of American artists, in collaboration with the the Museum, the Thai Nguyen Department of Culture, Sports, Tourism organize cultural- music exchange programs at the Museum.

There are seven artists from the United States ioining the show including Judith Louise Peiser, Nesby Julius Blanchard, Charles Myron Smith, Zachary West Jordon, Hope A Clayburn (Artist Soul music, Worldbeat, Rock and Jazz), Domingo (Guitar Acoustic artist, trumpet and Violin), Robert Lee Thomas (Blues Harmonica Artist,  Guitar and Singer). With 10 songs: Love Is on Its Way (Performer: Hope Clayburn); I Feel Pretty (Performer: Good Elmo Robert Thomas); Guan-Tanamera (Performed by Domingo Montes); Today (Performer: Hope Clayburn); Same Old Dog (Performer: Robert Elmo Thomas); El Sinaloense (Performed by Domingo Montes); Yo No Fui (Performed by Domingo Montes); Big Legged (Performer: Robert Elmo Thomas); Quitter Never Win; Labama (Performed by Domingo, Elmo Hope)

Time: 18h30, dated 16th, April, 2015

Location: Outdoor stage in The Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups.

The songs and the sound of the saxophone vibrant, harp zither, guitar will lead audiences adventure travel to Memphis, (Tennessee, USA), where you can enjoy the blues musics, R & B with the most powerful and unique of the city.