Display colorful orchid at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups.

Orchids is a family of flowering plants, monocotyledon class. Orchids can be found in tropical climates, they mainly grow on tall trees, live perennial epiphytes and are collectively referred to as the orchid. Besides, there are also species that grow in the soil, ie, cymbidium and some species grow on jelly rocks.

According to Vietnam orchid book of Mr Tran Hop, there are 137-140 expenditures, including more than 800 species of wild orchids. Currently, outside the orchids grow wild, orchids have been caused commercialized in some places such as Sa Pa, Yen Bai, Da Lat. Orchids belong to the class of the most beautiful flowers in Vietnam, selected by farmers with high economic efficiency, growing orchid flower is one of favourite in Vietnam.

In Thai Nguyen, growing orchid is becoming a trend of strong growth and attracts players. Some clubsare formed for orchid lovers exchanging experiences of care for and ẹnoy the beauty of orchids.

In order to promote dissemination of product and operational results of orchids in Thai Nguyen city in recent years, group of the pet –Thai Nguyen wind orchids club –Thai Nguyen orchids club combination with the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups organized exchanges of orchid products on the theme “Colors of orchids”.

Taking part in exhibition are members of Thai Nguyen orchids club, Wind orchids club, members of the Association of pet, manufacturers, the pet entrepreneurs who are enthusiasts orchids in Thai Nguyen city and the districts in the province.

With amount of from 200 to 300 types of orchidssuch as scales of dragon, hoang thao, phi diep, nghinh xuan, kieu tim….

Exhibition and exchange “Colors of orchids ” is one of a series of activities in response to Thai Nguyen tourism season, celebrating 40 years of liberation of the South, welcoming Congress of Party XVII Thai Nguyen city, Congress of Delegates of center association of pet, towards Congress ofDelegates of Thai Nguyen association of pet.

Duration: 4 days from 16th, April-20 April, 2015

Opening: 16:00 on 16th, April,2015 at the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups.