Linga-Yoni of the Cham ethnic group

Linga – Yoni – a symbol of eating faith in relation to Cham’s phylosophy. They are stylized images of male organ of procreation (linga) and the corresponding female organ (Yoni). Linga is the symbol of power of the Shiva in Brahmanism – the God of destruction and creating lives emerge, disseminating the seeds of lives. It presents Yin and Yang of the universe, existing of human beings.
This is a sculpture work on sandstone, a ritual object placed in towers of the Cham ethnic group through properous periods of the ancient ChamPa Kingdom.

Linga-Yoni, dating from 9-10th century AD. It was found in Ban Thach village, Pho Cuong commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province. Height: 30cm; diameter: 28cm; Yoni: 89 x 89cm.